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Affairs Dating

People like you are completing the access form to Affairs Dating every day in search of confidential connections. We have signups from people who are single, married, or in a relationship all ready to date, chat, flirt and meet discreetly.

Radically different to other affair sites

Affairs Dating is not like any other affair dating site, it is truly unique. Maybe you have used general dating sites in the past or well-known affairs/cheating dating sites. If they haven't worked out then now is the perfect time for a change of plan. You might say, a complete change of plan.

Affairs Dating is fast, simple and secure. If you are ready to find your affair partner then see what we have on offer to help.

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Affairs Dating affairs dating
Guaranteed security
Guaranteed security
Affairs Dating 100% gurantees that data you enter cannot be stolen or shared with anyone. We ask questions just in the same way that other sites do, such as, age, country, gender and sexuality etc. They are stored using an anonymous system which means they cannot be traced back to you.
Fake members
Fake members
There are some affair/married dating sites that have very few real or active members. They trick their members to communicate with very little chance of an affair. Why would you risk getting caught when there isn't even a chance of a date? We are totally confident that there are no fake members whatsoever in our database.
Ultimate privacy
Ultimate privacy
Affiars Dating is 100% anonymous and it is impossible for anyone to know your identity. Our site takes user privacy to a new level, never seen before in the dating industry. We utilise a system that doesn't require any form of standard image files nor does it require GPS location information. You will also be pleased to know that we have pioneered an email free connection for total piece of mind.
Award winning team
Award winning team
Affairs Dating was founded by the team who created some of the most excting niche dating sites including, Dinky One, 20 and Bad Boy Dating. Since creating dating sites from 2007 the team have collected a number of industry awards from iDate, Global Dating Insights and The UK Dating Awards. Affairs Dating is really going to shake up the adultury market.

Free access

The complete service provided by Affairs Dating is totally free. There are no payments and no credit cards are required to use the site. Payments always leave some form of trail that could expose your identity. All bank statements required a 'descriptor' and a simple Google search could reveal the company behind an anonymous descriptor.

In the media

Affairs Dating has been featured in the media all over the world.

Why people join affair dating sites

Take a look at the many reasons why people look to have an affair.

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It's not what you think

If you access Affairs Dating today you will not get the experience you are expecting. Never does this site say that it is a dating site and that is because it isn't! It only discusses visitors' activity and affair dating sites in general. This is not a real dating site, there are no members at all. The site's purpose is to give its visitors a chance to change their minds before they regret their actions. No personal data is stored when a user completes the access form and helpful advice is shared, so get access today and find out what happens. It may be the best decision you ever make.