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We collect 100% anonymous data that provides useful insights for affair-based dating. This data is collected and updated every few minutes.

Terms and conditions
How many people read the terms and conditions?

RegistrationsRead terms% who read

Gender split
Which genders are registering for affair dating sites?

GenderPercentage %

Trangender results should consider that only a small subset of the global population define themselves as transgender so they cannot be compared directly to male and female numbers.

Country split
The top 10 countries (by raw count) are shown in the table below.

United States of America 157
Canada 54
United Kingdom 50
Australia 11
France 8
South Africa 8
Pakistan 7
Norway 6
New Zealand 5
Trinidad and Tobago 5

If you wish to compare country splits then you should weight the results based on the population of each country. For example, with raw results, large countries like America will always appear near the top.

Data usage

This data may be freely used without prior permission. Please reference as the source.